Pushing through uncertainty

When you’re low on hope and with a poor expectation about the outcome, it’s hard to push through uncertainty. Sitting around feeling hopeless and fearing the worst doesn’t improve the chances, though. That’s not to say you can magically feel better and crack on. Regardless of how you feel, the important thing is how you act. Take the next step that’s in line with your … Continue reading Pushing through uncertainty

Less certainty, more inquiry

Listening to the Attribution podcast today, there was conversation around how most of us like simple narratives. To boil things down to those attractively simple stories, we reduce complex ambiguities into tidy absolutes. Humans are compressed into stereotypes. Journeys are contracted into linear paths. Possibilities are shrank to one version that loosely fits. Evolution has primed us to find the quick answer, and it pays … Continue reading Less certainty, more inquiry