Beautiful, yes, how about attractive

The Mona Lisa is, for many, a beautiful painting. I wouldn’t want to own it, with all the implications that’d bring. It’s not an attractive proposition. A Ferrari Dino is beautiful, though being parked outside my terraced house would be problematic. Nearer to my actual reality, that detached farmhouse on the way out to the hills is really appealing, though the work I’d have to … Continue reading Beautiful, yes, how about attractive

Enough for me isn’t enough for all

Feeling personally content and sufficient is helpful, I wrote yesterday. But it doesn’t mean we stop aiming for better. I might feel content with what I have, but not content with where society is at. I can acknowledge I’ve got enough and be pleased, without giving up on culture change. Being at peace with myself isn’t accepting that everything is okay. There’s progress needed globally. … Continue reading Enough for me isn’t enough for all

Happy, enough

In my thirties I came to recognise that contentment was more important than chasing happiness. In my forties I’m slowly, I’d say reluctantly, learning that feeling sufficient is more important than striving. That’s not to become a miser or forsake ambition – it’s being grateful for what we have and to recognise when enough is enough. When we’re always aiming for just ‘more’, it’s easy … Continue reading Happy, enough