Big bag of flavoured discipline

I typically only buy multi-packs of crisps to take to lunch. Having only a finite amount to eat makes portioning easy – no need for self-discipline and choosing when to stop! Multi-packs tend to be the most boring flavours, though. The common denominator that can be relied on to shift volume. However, I could get a big bag of something flavourful and take the time … Continue reading Big bag of flavoured discipline

The irony of inaction right now

You know that thing where you want to do something and you’re just not doing it? Procrastinating terribly and beating yourself up about it, but still not getting on with the job? I’m designing an app, for creative folks, to help get past that. Or at least I want to be. Note to self – 2020’s theme is self-discipline. Unicorn > Procrastination. You’ll see. . … Continue reading The irony of inaction right now