Precarious purchasing

In this coming year I’m hoping to purchase a home and I’m feeling a strong urge to borrow to the very limit. On the one hand it makes financial sense given a few, seemingly reasonable, assumptions. Over the Christmas period I caught up with a couple who have really stretched themselves for the dream home, while juggling two very well paid jobs and some challenging … Continue reading Precarious purchasing

Pushing through uncertainty

When you’re low on hope and with a poor expectation about the outcome, it’s hard to push through uncertainty. Sitting around feeling hopeless and fearing the worst doesn’t improve the chances, though. That’s not to say you can magically feel better and crack on. Regardless of how you feel, the important thing is how you act. Take the next step that’s in line with your … Continue reading Pushing through uncertainty


A concise summary of three strategies for resilience, which are more eloquently put forward in Lucy Hone’s TEDx talk. Bad things happen, so expect to have to deal with them. Place your attention carefully, don’t dwell on the bad things. Whatever you’re doing to cope, ask yourself if it’s harmful or helpful. Not easy, but straight-forward. All related to our sphere of control. We always … Continue reading Resilience