Confirmation bias – confirmed

Reading the Tribe of Mentors, I’ve often found my thinking taken in new directions and thereafter see the world a little differently. Other times, I read something and feel it affirms my existing beliefs, so I’m quite pleased with myself. This in contrast to when I read the opposite of what I believe and feel that the contributor, despite their apparent success, must be misguided. … Continue reading Confirmation bias – confirmed

The Spanish flu that wasn’t, really

The Spanish flu, as the 1918 pandemic was known, didn’t originate in Spain or have the greatest impact on her people. Spain was neutral in the First World War and could forego wartime censorship, leading to more open and accurate reporting of the health crisis. For the world, this created an association that remains to this day. Labels aren’t merely artefacts, they’re stories in and … Continue reading The Spanish flu that wasn’t, really