You don’t know, you know

Reading on from the First Round Review newsletter today (thanks for that tip, Dan), I clicked on a link about imposter syndrome. Dr Emily Anhalt notes: “Most people with competence have some Imposter Syndrome, because they know how much they don’t know. It’s the opposite of the Dunning-Kruger effect.” Competent people know how much they don’t know. If you’re feeling inadequate, remember you’re merely conscious … Continue reading You don’t know, you know

Challenging feedback

In a session with my personal trainer this morning, she added some extra resistance to one of the movements I was about to do. A little extra ‘feedback’, she said. I was tickled to have this described as ‘feedback’ – I offered that it was more a ‘challenge’. I’m getting a lot from the enthusiasm and knowledge that Nory of Revolution Fitness brings to our … Continue reading Challenging feedback