Scenarios, outlook, perspective

A dear friend said yesterday, after some candid back and forth: “I’m aware that we can both be looking at the same scenario and have different outlooks.” I was reminded of another dear friend’s reply to a moan I shared while out running: “Yeah, that’s a matter of perspective.” I’m grateful for folks that challenge my thinking, even if I don’t come to agree with … Continue reading Scenarios, outlook, perspective

Perspective from unexpected quarters

From a student I’m mentoring I heard that “COVID has ruined our working years”. They didn’t mean it quite as it sounded, though talking it through the young person’s words highlighted, for me, some over-dramatised thinking of my own. Have unfortunate events had an impact? Certainly. Will I really never reach my goals? Very unlikely. Is the future bleak and my working life for nought? … Continue reading Perspective from unexpected quarters