Critical uncertainty

I’ve started reading some of George Soros’ lectures given in Budapest after the 2008 financial crisis. A billionaire philanthropist with remarkable influence notes: “I hope that my ideas will be received in the same spirit of critical thinking in which they are offered” His first lecture is an open acknowledgement of how much is uncertain when people are involved. While we aim to provide the … Continue reading Critical uncertainty

Most useful question

What’s the most impactful, helpful, or powerful question you’ve ever been asked or asked yourself? Do please share with me – privately if you prefer. For me, it’s been “is this a useful response”. It’s not an answered and done question. It’s a recurring nudge towards better behaviour. It reminds me of the difference between reaction and response, and to choose the latter. It reminds … Continue reading Most useful question

It happened, so own it

I related my meandering career path to a mentor I’ve just started working with yesterday. I say ‘career path’, but it doesn’t feel it’s had enough direction to call it a path. Their advice – own it. Whatever we’ve been through has given us some benefit or insight, if we looked closely enough and with curiosity. We might prefer to live without it, but there’s … Continue reading It happened, so own it

Status and contribution

In some ‘effective communication’ training today, we were encouraged to examine people’s status on two different scales of 1 to 10. black: external, positional, formal red: internal, emotional, personal For example, black status might be afforded by a person’s job title and red status by their confidence in that role. The combination of these scores determines their effectiveness. No matter their position, someone scoring low … Continue reading Status and contribution