The pursuit of truth

While reading earlier I was struck by “the instrumental value of democracy is conditional on the electorate’s commitment to the pursuit of truth”. It had me reflecting on how much we’re prone to favouring what we want to hear. If we do seek truth, it’s often subjective and based on anecdotes. Not objective, and buttressed with evidence. Daniel Kahneman’s cognitive bias work showed how readily … Continue reading The pursuit of truth

Trust, for the long haul

There’s a shallow kind, based on seeing attributes and hearing words that lend us to believe in someone. Folks can learn the words and attributes, then exploit this. Sales folks make a point of doing so. There’s another kind based on shared experiences and aligned values. This takes longer to form, though it builds a deeper commitment and is hard to short-cut. Remarkable politicians do … Continue reading Trust, for the long haul

The complete picture, or a composite

Attending to a difficult situation today, I needed to pull together some fragmented perspectives to figure out what was really going on. I wanted to build a complete picture so that I could fairly assess the right course of action. The same events were recalled differently by almost everyone. If the events were recalled the same, then the assumed intent was often different – even … Continue reading The complete picture, or a composite