Necessary and sufficient alignment

In the company of others, if you want to progress without untoward difficulty, have meaningful conversation, or pleasantly share life’s journey, there needs to be some alignment. That’s not to say everyone wants the same results, or that they’re in agreement – only that there’s sufficient shared direction and common ground that a mutually good result is possible. If there isn’t sufficient alignment there, take … Continue reading Necessary and sufficient alignment

Scenarios, outlook, perspective

A dear friend said yesterday, after some candid back and forth: “I’m aware that we can both be looking at the same scenario and have different outlooks.” I was reminded of another dear friend’s reply to a moan I shared while out running: “Yeah, that’s a matter of perspective.” I’m grateful for folks that challenge my thinking, even if I don’t come to agree with … Continue reading Scenarios, outlook, perspective

From that ember, we rebuild the fire

I’ve fallen in love with this song. I find it soothing and energising. Perhaps oddly, at the same time. My favourite part: “As if in each of usThere once was a fireAnd for some of usThere seem as if there are only ashes nowBut when we dig in the ashesWe find one emberAnd very gently we fan that ember… blow on it… it gets brighterAnd … Continue reading From that ember, we rebuild the fire

Hope you had time to recharge

In the mailbox of the day job, I get a ‘daily briefing’ email that’s an automated bunch of arguably useful suggestions. After a weekend the email starts with “hope you had time to recharge”. I was struck by the implicit acknowledgement – that work is a thing we must recharge from. That, for a lot of people, work isn’t energising. It takes a lot from … Continue reading Hope you had time to recharge

Learn, practice, train, consistently apply

I finished my first read through of The Daily Stoic yesterday, and found a helpful reminder at the end. “…philosophers warn us not to be satisfied with mere learning, but to add practice and then training. For as time passes we forget what we learned and end up doing the opposite…” Every day for the last year, I’ve learned a little. The real challenge is … Continue reading Learn, practice, train, consistently apply

Never mind your job description

I enjoyed learning a little more about what data scientists do today. In summary it’s about creating insight that has a positive impact. Software development isn’t really about writing code, it’s about programatically solving a problem. Improving a product or creating opportunity. As a support analyst, the ticket logging and SLA juggling is merely a means to influence the situation positively when things have gone … Continue reading Never mind your job description

21 days to better habits – nah

With the New Year approaching and resolutions on the horizon, a reminder to be realistic: “The reality is, changing ‘bad habits’ takes time, and effort and energy, and it’s rarely a smooth process.” – Russ Harris, author of The Reality Slap It’s not 21 days, or 7 steps, or newfound willpower. It’s a commitment and a journey that you can’t fail, only abandon. Kindly, keep … Continue reading 21 days to better habits – nah