Don’t know – at least not yet

As I’ve gotten older I’ve gotten less and less afraid of saying “I don’t know”. To friends, colleagues, and even bosses. It’s okay to acknowledge that you don’t have all the answers. If you’re expected to have an answer and you don’t yet, the sooner you acknowledge that and seek it, the better. Hiding ignorance isn’t a long term strategy for success. Neither is prevaricating, … Continue reading Don’t know – at least not yet

It bears repeating

The hallmark of the professional is they appear effortlessly good at what they do most of the time. But the effort is still there, and has a long history. Carpenters who have spent hours honing their craft before producing beautiful furniture with apparent ease. Producers who can just pull things together even as things schedules are daunting, based on many shows and many lessons. The … Continue reading It bears repeating

Exploring or mining

I’m enjoying another great book about organisational leadership – Turn the Ship Around. Increasingly, I’m conscious that reading alone takes you only so far. You have to act on what you learn, to spend time with the lessons and thinking how you want to apply them to situation you want to influence. Reading and absorbing is a help, to really extract value you have to … Continue reading Exploring or mining

You don’t know, you know

Reading on from the First Round Review newsletter today (thanks for that tip, Dan), I clicked on a link about imposter syndrome. Dr Emily Anhalt notes: “Most people with competence have some Imposter Syndrome, because they know how much they don’t know. It’s the opposite of the Dunning-Kruger effect.” Competent people know how much they don’t know. If you’re feeling inadequate, remember you’re merely conscious … Continue reading You don’t know, you know