The Therapist and the Alchemist’s Tales

I’m paying an expensive therapist weekly, to embed me firmly in the process of living by my values and engaging with the present. It’s thoroughly worthwhile and a sound investment for the future. So much so that I’d love to speak with my younger self and encourage learning the ACT framework before any difficulty, to get more out of life and give more to the … Continue reading The Therapist and the Alchemist’s Tales

Learning more when its broken

At the day job I had a few things go wrong today and I was speaking to a colleague who said “heyho, I usually learn more when it’s broke”. It’s true, but why? Because when it’s broken, if we really want to fix it, we get look closely at how something works. We follow our noses, weigh up options, carefully consider consequences. We get curious, … Continue reading Learning more when its broken

Detail is good, principles are better

Over the course of my career to date, I’ve come across more technical details than I could hope to remember. When I happen on something unfamiliar, I try to look into it enough to be sure there’s not a complication I need to grasp. I’m not looking to get it totally, merely to absorb the key concepts involved. Thinking this way – in principles and … Continue reading Detail is good, principles are better

Where to inquire

Having established that inquiry is more important than certainty, it’s worth thinking about where to inquire. Be wary of folks whose answers support only their own conclusions. Be pleased when you’re given the scope to probe, interpret and challenge. Be alert when opinion is dressed up as fact. Be content when your answer is a deeper, more meaningful question. Genuine inquiry is a challenge and … Continue reading Where to inquire