The right discomfort

Growth can be pretty uncomfortable. You’re stretched and not sure you can do something, perhaps on unfamiliar ground, certainly a bit out of your depth. It’s scary to commit. Pushing on with what you don’t want to do might feel very similar. There’s discomfort and uncertainty. Your commitment is probably lacklustre. How to discern if you’re growing or merely troubling yourself? Ask if it lines … Continue reading The right discomfort

The Therapist and the Alchemist’s Tales

I’m paying an expensive therapist weekly, to embed me firmly in the process of living by my values and engaging with the present. It’s thoroughly worthwhile and a sound investment for the future. So much so that I’d love to speak with my younger self and encourage learning the ACT framework before any difficulty, to get more out of life and give more to the … Continue reading The Therapist and the Alchemist’s Tales

Don’t know – at least not yet

As I’ve gotten older I’ve gotten less and less afraid of saying “I don’t know”. To friends, colleagues, and even bosses. It’s okay to acknowledge that you don’t have all the answers. If you’re expected to have an answer and you don’t yet, the sooner you acknowledge that and seek it, the better. Hiding ignorance isn’t a long term strategy for success. Neither is prevaricating, … Continue reading Don’t know – at least not yet

Happy, enough

In my thirties I came to recognise that contentment was more important than chasing happiness. In my forties I’m slowly, I’d say reluctantly, learning that feeling sufficient is more important than striving. That’s not to become a miser or forsake ambition – it’s being grateful for what we have and to recognise when enough is enough. When we’re always aiming for just ‘more’, it’s easy … Continue reading Happy, enough

Must’ve been clever, must’ve worked hard

I was recently in a gorgeous Elizabethan house and overhead a few couples exclaiming just how clever the owner must have been to accumulate such wealth. Not to take away from shrewd business decision making, but we might all be better off by recognising the value of expert help. Of teams of experts. And luck. Stunning estates and great organisations aren’t the work of one … Continue reading Must’ve been clever, must’ve worked hard