The right discomfort

Growth can be pretty uncomfortable. You’re stretched and not sure you can do something, perhaps on unfamiliar ground, certainly a bit out of your depth. It’s scary to commit. Pushing on with what you don’t want to do might feel very similar. There’s discomfort and uncertainty. Your commitment is probably lacklustre. How to discern if you’re growing or merely troubling yourself? Ask if it lines … Continue reading The right discomfort

All change and no change

We deal with incomplete knowledge all the time – around tasks, events and especially feelings (including our own). With that in mind, I love this quote from the story I read yesterday: “My journey to the past had changed nothing, but what I had learned had changed everything.” What impactful truth can you share, out of kindness, to defuse a situation? To garner agreement? To … Continue reading All change and no change

Life is a staircase, and you’re climbing

“When you’re convinced you’re stuck, when you’re convinced there’s no way forward, just remember: there’s a staircase you’re not seeing. Trust it’s there, right in front of you, and that it leads to exciting new places. Have the courage to believe in this one thing you can’t see.“ Quoting Neil Pastiche’s book ‘You Are Awesome’, this is a reminder that the dots get joined up … Continue reading Life is a staircase, and you’re climbing

Goals and direction

A good friend asked me a question about goals and the danger of spiralling thoughts if they’re not reached. In replying I thought about the Stockdale paradox and noted that I’ve been that broken optimist around some of my own desires. If setting a goal that isn’t entirely within your control, or is a remarkable stretch, it might be better to choose merely a direction … Continue reading Goals and direction