From that ember, we rebuild the fire

I’ve fallen in love with this song. I find it soothing and energising. Perhaps oddly, at the same time. My favourite part: “As if in each of usThere once was a fireAnd for some of usThere seem as if there are only ashes nowBut when we dig in the ashesWe find one emberAnd very gently we fan that ember… blow on it… it gets brighterAnd … Continue reading From that ember, we rebuild the fire

Pushing through uncertainty

When you’re low on hope and with a poor expectation about the outcome, it’s hard to push through uncertainty. Sitting around feeling hopeless and fearing the worst doesn’t improve the chances, though. That’s not to say you can magically feel better and crack on. Regardless of how you feel, the important thing is how you act. Take the next step that’s in line with your … Continue reading Pushing through uncertainty

Life is a staircase, and you’re climbing

“When you’re convinced you’re stuck, when you’re convinced there’s no way forward, just remember: there’s a staircase you’re not seeing. Trust it’s there, right in front of you, and that it leads to exciting new places. Have the courage to believe in this one thing you can’t see.“ Quoting Neil Pastiche’s book ‘You Are Awesome’, this is a reminder that the dots get joined up … Continue reading Life is a staircase, and you’re climbing

Goals and direction

A good friend asked me a question about goals and the danger of spiralling thoughts if they’re not reached. In replying I thought about the Stockdale paradox and noted that I’ve been that broken optimist around some of my own desires. If setting a goal that isn’t entirely within your control, or is a remarkable stretch, it might be better to choose merely a direction … Continue reading Goals and direction

Perspective from unexpected quarters

From a student I’m mentoring I heard that “COVID has ruined our working years”. They didn’t mean it quite as it sounded, though talking it through the young person’s words highlighted, for me, some over-dramatised thinking of my own. Have unfortunate events had an impact? Certainly. Will I really never reach my goals? Very unlikely. Is the future bleak and my working life for nought? … Continue reading Perspective from unexpected quarters