All change and no change

We deal with incomplete knowledge all the time – around tasks, events and especially feelings (including our own). With that in mind, I love this quote from the story I read yesterday: “My journey to the past had changed nothing, but what I had learned had changed everything.” What impactful truth can you share, out of kindness, to defuse a situation? To garner agreement? To … Continue reading All change and no change

Doing something amazing

I’m giving blood shortly. I last gave blood not long after lockdown started – it’s considered essential, and with good reason. The process is trickier with a pandemic going on, but it’s still happening because of the outstanding work of people (including volunteers) who find a way to make things happen. It’s a reminder that there are lots of ways to contribute. There’s no one-size-fits-all … Continue reading Doing something amazing

Anti-racism and empathy

As I broaden my education, I’ve started following @holidayphillips on Instagram. I’m especially touched by a recent post about anti-racism and empathy where she asks ‘if empathy is so key, are we also to empathise with racists?!’ As Holiday points out more beautifully and powerfully than I can, empathy is a powerful force for change. Empathy is hard and it’s not for everyone. It can … Continue reading Anti-racism and empathy