The right discomfort

Growth can be pretty uncomfortable. You’re stretched and not sure you can do something, perhaps on unfamiliar ground, certainly a bit out of your depth. It’s scary to commit. Pushing on with what you don’t want to do might feel very similar. There’s discomfort and uncertainty. Your commitment is probably lacklustre. How to discern if you’re growing or merely troubling yourself? Ask if it lines … Continue reading The right discomfort

Critical uncertainty

I’ve started reading some of George Soros’ lectures given in Budapest after the 2008 financial crisis. A billionaire philanthropist with remarkable influence notes: “I hope that my ideas will be received in the same spirit of critical thinking in which they are offered” His first lecture is an open acknowledgement of how much is uncertain when people are involved. While we aim to provide the … Continue reading Critical uncertainty

More, quicker, easier – kind of

You can do five pretty easy tasks, pretty quickly. They won’t have much impact, but you’d have ticked them off the to-do list and that’d feel pretty good. Today. Or you can do that one hard task. It’ll make a difference, but it demands more time and effort, and you’ll feel uncomfortable – today. What will count for more, what will feel better, tomorrow? Continue reading More, quicker, easier – kind of