Must’ve been clever, must’ve worked hard

I was recently in a gorgeous Elizabethan house and overhead a few couples exclaiming just how clever the owner must have been to accumulate such wealth. Not to take away from shrewd business decision making, but we might all be better off by recognising the value of expert help. Of teams of experts. And luck. Stunning estates and great organisations aren’t the work of one … Continue reading Must’ve been clever, must’ve worked hard

Headwinds and tailwinds

As described in Bob McKinnon’s opening episode of his Attribution podcast, we’re almost always conscious of any headwind while not really registering the tailwinds that help us along. As is true when we’re outside, so it is broadly in life. Take a little time to appreciate the help that’s gotten you to today. The people and institutions, the infrastructure and progress made before you. It … Continue reading Headwinds and tailwinds