Don’t, but, didn’t

Reading a coaching article about the language we use (with ourselves, as well as others), I noted that we should avoid the words “don’t” and “didn’t” where possible. But, that seems really tricky I thought. I read that “but” should be avoided, too. Then I read that we shouldn’t be avoiding certain words, per se, and we should focus on positive, benefit driven language. There’s … Continue reading Don’t, but, didn’t

Honest mistakes

The more I’ve read about great people accomplishing great things, in their own words where possible, the clearer it is that they’ve made their share of mistakes. Not big political divide style mistakes where ideology is the judge of what’s right and wrong. Personally recognised mistakes, that honest self-accounting has shown up. It’s liberating for me, learning of these. If we show up wanting to … Continue reading Honest mistakes

It’s all out there

After nearly 20 years of working in software development, I want to work with people far more than technology. What I really want to do is switch to coaching. Quite how to make the breakthrough isn’t clear, especially when there are financial hurdles and the economy isn’t throwing life-changing jobs around right now. So I look around the web (thanks, technology – I do still … Continue reading It’s all out there