Necessary and sufficient alignment

In the company of others, if you want to progress without untoward difficulty, have meaningful conversation, or pleasantly share life’s journey, there needs to be some alignment. That’s not to say everyone wants the same results, or that they’re in agreement – only that there’s sufficient shared direction and common ground that a mutually good result is possible. If there isn’t sufficient alignment there, take … Continue reading Necessary and sufficient alignment

Dilemmas, and that one tidy solution

Once it’s clear that you face a dilemma, rather than merely a problem, you’ve got to stop hoping for a comfortable solution. A new piece of information might land that simplifies things. Maybe an overlooked route will open up that changes things. Scrutiny of the variables could tip the scales convincingly. If you feel stuck with the dilemma after lots of careful thought though, you … Continue reading Dilemmas, and that one tidy solution

The choice to be happy

In lots of places I read about how we can choose to be happy. My experience, confirmed by therapists, is that it’s not so simple. What we can do daily though, is make choices that lead to a more content state. We can disengage from unhelpful thinking. Acknowledge patterns and move toward better ones. Recognise possibility and seize opportunity. For those who’ve long been in … Continue reading The choice to be happy

Goals and direction

A good friend asked me a question about goals and the danger of spiralling thoughts if they’re not reached. In replying I thought about the Stockdale paradox and noted that I’ve been that broken optimist around some of my own desires. If setting a goal that isn’t entirely within your control, or is a remarkable stretch, it might be better to choose merely a direction … Continue reading Goals and direction

Function of time spent

Succinctly written, practice. But, I often use the phrase “it’s a function of time spent”. Especially if I’m feeling a little inadequate compared to another. When I think it’s just about practice, I can feel I’m falling a little short for not having got enough practice in. When I recognise it’s about time spent (the same thing perhaps, in different words) then it’s easier for … Continue reading Function of time spent

Interview preparation

Socrates said “be as you wish to seem”. If you’re getting ready to interview, and you wish to seem knowledgeable and accomplished, then it pays to be knowledgeable and accomplished. What you’re doing today paves the way for how you’re perceived tomorrow. You can’t know everything, so you need to focus your limited time and attention. You’ll find accomplishment in the areas where you apply … Continue reading Interview preparation