Dilemmas, and that one tidy solution

Once it’s clear that you face a dilemma, rather than merely a problem, you’ve got to stop hoping for a comfortable solution. A new piece of information might land that simplifies things. Maybe an overlooked route will open up that changes things. Scrutiny of the variables could tip the scales convincingly. If you feel stuck with the dilemma after lots of careful thought though, you … Continue reading Dilemmas, and that one tidy solution

Beautiful, yes, how about attractive

The Mona Lisa is, for many, a beautiful painting. I wouldn’t want to own it, with all the implications that’d bring. It’s not an attractive proposition. A Ferrari Dino is beautiful, though being parked outside my terraced house would be problematic. Nearer to my actual reality, that detached farmhouse on the way out to the hills is really appealing, though the work I’d have to … Continue reading Beautiful, yes, how about attractive

Function of time spent

Succinctly written, practice. But, I often use the phrase “it’s a function of time spent”. Especially if I’m feeling a little inadequate compared to another. When I think it’s just about practice, I can feel I’m falling a little short for not having got enough practice in. When I recognise it’s about time spent (the same thing perhaps, in different words) then it’s easier for … Continue reading Function of time spent

Look carefully

I’ve hugely enjoyed reading ‘The War of Art’ by Steven Pressfield. He talks about Resistance (yep, with a capital ‘R’) and how it impacts what we contribute. His book is pretty pared down to begin with and while he offers different perspectives on almost the same thing across the pages, it’s that rounded view that builds to such a powerful and, for me, revelatory message. … Continue reading Look carefully