Most useful question

What’s the most impactful, helpful, or powerful question you’ve ever been asked or asked yourself? Do please share with me – privately if you prefer. For me, it’s been “is this a useful response”. It’s not an answered and done question. It’s a recurring nudge towards better behaviour. It reminds me of the difference between reaction and response, and to choose the latter. It reminds … Continue reading Most useful question

Where to inquire

Having established that inquiry is more important than certainty, it’s worth thinking about where to inquire. Be wary of folks whose answers support only their own conclusions. Be pleased when you’re given the scope to probe, interpret and challenge. Be alert when opinion is dressed up as fact. Be content when your answer is a deeper, more meaningful question. Genuine inquiry is a challenge and … Continue reading Where to inquire

Less certainty, more inquiry

Listening to the Attribution podcast today, there was conversation around how most of us like simple narratives. To boil things down to those attractively simple stories, we reduce complex ambiguities into tidy absolutes. Humans are compressed into stereotypes. Journeys are contracted into linear paths. Possibilities are shrank to one version that loosely fits. Evolution has primed us to find the quick answer, and it pays … Continue reading Less certainty, more inquiry