Scenarios, outlook, perspective

A dear friend said yesterday, after some candid back and forth: “I’m aware that we can both be looking at the same scenario and have different outlooks.” I was reminded of another dear friend’s reply to a moan I shared while out running: “Yeah, that’s a matter of perspective.” I’m grateful for folks that challenge my thinking, even if I don’t come to agree with … Continue reading Scenarios, outlook, perspective

My two favourite purchases of 2021 (so far)

For less than £30 I’ve got access to all the Ordnance Survey maps on my phone (and other devices). I also invested in some good trainers to comfortably make good use of the maps. Neither bring me any particular status or are obvious waypoints as I think about life’s journey. Together they make that journey more magical. Food for thought when I next hanker after … Continue reading My two favourite purchases of 2021 (so far)