Crimbo communication challenges

I hadn’t thought it at the time, but listening to the Non-Violent Communication audiobook was great preparation for Christmas day with family. Another big help has been learning to acknowledge stories without getting hooked by them. Unexpected benefits of therapy and work on improving my emotional regulation. Both great investments. Gifts that will keep on giving. Merry Christmas, and peace be upon you. :^) Continue reading Crimbo communication challenges

The Therapist and the Alchemist’s Tales

I’m paying an expensive therapist weekly, to embed me firmly in the process of living by my values and engaging with the present. It’s thoroughly worthwhile and a sound investment for the future. So much so that I’d love to speak with my younger self and encourage learning the ACT framework before any difficulty, to get more out of life and give more to the … Continue reading The Therapist and the Alchemist’s Tales