When all you have is a hammer…

…everything looks like a nail. The Law of the Instrument isn’t how I’d known this principle but is one I’ve been aware of for a long time. I was pleased, and a little surprised, to recognise I’ve been approaching a joint enterprise with some friends, as if it were a nail because I’ve got a (laser-cutting) hammer. Ironically, the three of us are software developers … Continue reading When all you have is a hammer…


Being resolute doesn’t mean being in a hurry. Your journey has obstacles that you need resources to get over, through or around and you might not have all the resources to hand or available. Some time to gather them may be unavoidable. Your ability to act will face constraints. Some that you’ve chosen – needing to support a partner, perhaps – and some that you … Continue reading Patience

The whole picture

Related to taking different perspectives, is remembering to view the whole picture. Helpful even if you still only manage to look at things from a single, narrow perspective. The car broke down again. A frustrating sign that nothing goes right for you? The whole picture shows simply that you prioritised. You invested in developing skills instead of servicing the car. You could live without the … Continue reading The whole picture

Humility and coding

When I started my career as a software developer, I found it very hard to acknowledge I didn’t know something or was struggling to figure something out. When facing the unknown I quickly became frustrated and would be angry that there was a problem I didn’t have the solution to at my fingertips. As I’ve matured, humility has crept in. Actually, after recognising how unhelpful … Continue reading Humility and coding

Convenience and connection

This might sound odd, but I find convenience increasingly at odds with our collective well-being. Taking the interaction out of things hasn’t helped society nearly as much as it can be said to have help individuals. There are many cases where convenience is of value at both levels, of course. We’ve improved accessibility and delivery of services to those in need. Ready access to information … Continue reading Convenience and connection