Detecting progress

My beloved and I are re-watching Columbo episodes from 1971 and really enjoying watching each protagonist collapse under the weight of ‘just one more thing’. The portrayal of many female characters hasn’t gone unnoticed though. We talked about how some old TV series are full of behaviour that’s unthinkable now, but neither of us really picked up back then. While there’s so much still to … Continue reading Detecting progress

Numbers and narratives

A colleague told me today that they’ve heard more people have now been vaccinated against Covid than have been infected by it. They didn’t know the numbers, but felt very reassured by this, after struggling with anxiety over the course of the pandemic. They did say that the absolute level of risk hadn’t changed and recognised the numbers of infections were still going up, but … Continue reading Numbers and narratives

Less would’ve been more

I watched a documentary on Minimalism a couple of weeks ago, and loved its message. Can’t really say I loved the documentary. A bit less of the book tour would’ve been thematically consistent, I think. This isn’t the criticism that it may sound! Thinking about the message, alongside the incongruity of what felt like nudge to buy something, helped turn the idea over and over … Continue reading Less would’ve been more