Uncomfortable things

Reflecting on my day I thought back over a chat with a fellow coach just now. They offered an opportunity to do something quite uncomfortable for me. The thing itself isn’t going to move my plans forward particularly so I hesitated. Then after a brief pause I said “sure, it’s helpful to practice pushing through discomfort.” Making progress isn’t merely advancing toward the goal, it’s … Continue reading Uncomfortable things

Late to the post

Well, not much later than I might normally write a post, but today I’ve been lost in work. Joyfully lost in getting things done. What a blessing to have that feeling. Hasn’t always been there, even doing almost the exact same things. The difference? Feeling it’s the right direction. Even when you’re slogging away under a cloud, it helps to know each step has merit. … Continue reading Late to the post

Resolutions vs direction

Resolutions are quick to fall away as get lost in the day to day. With the resolution apparently broken, it’s abandoned and we wait for the next notable opportunity to say “this time, this time I’ll stick with it”. There’s another way. Choose a direction. Tell yourself you’re going to move *toward* things that matter to you. Perhaps the next step in your career. Or … Continue reading Resolutions vs direction