Same pages. New wisdom.

I’m re-reading The Coaching Habit by MBS (the other one). It’s a quick read and superficially simple to absorb and apply. Nonetheless, I’m delighted to be finding new goodies tucked away in its words, reflecting on my application of insight previously gained from it. Like almost all books, it’s a gift that keeps on giving. The key is to receptive and pay attention. That’s true … Continue reading Same pages. New wisdom.

Praise alone isn’t the best feedback

When someone’s done great work, of course it’s good to recognise that. Not just good, but important and helpful. Better still, can you offer insight into what could be even better? Not merely to congratulate someone, but to positively challenge them to build on their accomplishment? Pick your moment and tone, and help folks keep working at growth over basking in a warm glow. Continue reading Praise alone isn’t the best feedback

Lost, mebbe better off not found

I lost my sunglasses yesterday while out walking the dawg, as he pulled me along a watercourse that he can navigate well and I can’t. He’s barely two foot tall, I’m a lumbering six foot magnet for thorns and foliage behind him. My beloved affectionately (well, not so affectionately) refers to the glasses as the ‘Turdinators’. If the Terminator’s cool shades had turned to crap, … Continue reading Lost, mebbe better off not found

Phone a dear friend, kinda

When you’re doing scary stuff, it can be easier with company. They might not take the steps with you, they might just help by holding you accountable and cheering you on. Today, I asked a dear friend to keep me right, using stickK. There’s real money on the line, making it a proper commitment. It’s also reminded me I’m very lucky. Lucky to have friends … Continue reading Phone a dear friend, kinda