2022’s biggest lesson for me

I’ve come to hate seeing ‘failure is not an option’. If you’re on a long-term journey that involves uncertainty and change, failure is essentially inevitable. As you move toward success, you’re gonna make mistakes. Things will run awry. You won’t feel great sometimes, perhaps even a lot of time. Failure isn’t even the word you understood it to be. Failure sounds permanent and like a … Continue reading 2022’s biggest lesson for me

Not thinking about their thinking

Over dinner with friends there was talk about folks whose political views don’t align with ours. I was struck by the assumption that it was because ‘they’ didn’t think, they merely consumed different news unthinkingly. In my experience this isn’t true. Other people, with different backgrounds, values, and experiences can absorb the exact same information and reach a different conclusion. It’s not that they don’t … Continue reading Not thinking about their thinking

You don’t have to feel great

Too often I’ve bought into the mindset that I don’t feel up to doing ‘that thing’ just now. When I’m a little happier, or more knowledge, or energised, or something. Having reached out for accountability though, and with an underlying desire to create the change I want to see, I’ve got things done. When I’ve felt low. Tired. Annoyed. Harassed. Unenthused. I’ve got it done. … Continue reading You don’t have to feel great

Doing things, quite imperfectly

In the last week I’ve got a bunch of stuff done that I’m really pleased with. I don’t know that I’ve done them all right, or quite how I might have liked them given more time thinking about it. The key point is I got them done, though. Perfect execution wasn’t critical so self-appointed super standards were becoming very unhelpful. Hooray for progress. But wait … Continue reading Doing things, quite imperfectly