Good is good?

I’ve been wondering about ‘good’ lately, both in general and specifically in DnD alignment terms. What’s classed as good is a matter of perception, of course. Boris Johnson probably perceives himself as Chaotic Good. The country/his friends need x to happen to get the best outcome; to hell with anything in the way of that and a grand plan isn’t actually necessary. He’s certainly chaotic. … Continue reading Good is good?

The Geek Manifesto

It’s a good book in the sense of breaking down how government, media, the economy and other sectors overlook the benefit of a scientific approach in general and evidence in particular. I don’t feel it’s a good read in terms of how to change this though. Scientific rationality doesn’t capture the hearts and minds of most of our population. Media and government discern this clearly, … Continue reading The Geek Manifesto


I play DnD. There’s also so much joy to be had in escaping to a different world where, through adventure, one strives to create a better world – more just and more fair. Where people are free to live without fear and oppression. These are common goals for those choosing role-play, but feel quite uncommon in real life. I hope to bring more magic into … Continue reading Otherworldly