Pay it forward

This morning I had the distinct pleasure of catching up with a friend over video call. I’m really looking forward to seeing him again in person, among other friends, to roll dice and make merry in the universe he’s created. Between now and then we’ve decided to embark on a podcast project, which neither of us are really sure how to do. All the more … Continue reading Pay it forward

Looking at things afresh

My beloved can’t watch enough true crime programmes. Especially cold cases where a new team solves something the original detectives couldn’t. I’m reading ‘The Art of Possibility’ and during the chapter on ‘Giving an A’, I cast a new eye over the relationship I had with my father. I like drawing connections, even and perhaps particularly obtuse ones. I find they encourage thinking. Both the … Continue reading Looking at things afresh

The next footfall

I’m going to write a book. A short book. Not a novel – more a collection of anecdotes. The first chapter will be called ‘the next footfall’ and it’s inspired by my running. Please hold any jokes about it not being very fast-paced… As with running on ill-defined trails, so it is with making progress in life. I have to choose where to place my … Continue reading The next footfall

It’s complicated

I’m very near the end of 21 Lessons, by Yuval Noah Harari. It’s got a lot to recommend it, but I can’t say I’ll read it again. Why? Well, that’s complicated. It’s a book that’s told a story about stories – about the human story writ large. Quelle surprise, it’s complicated. In coming posts I’ll start to talk about walk/jog/running The Ridgeway and how I … Continue reading It’s complicated

You’ve given your all

Now you’re waiting for the judges and you can’t be sure you did enough. Also, it’s winner take all in this competition. Relax though, there are other competitions. You could be preparing even now. Between these brief moments where the stakes are high, there’s all those beautiful moments of collaboration. It’s with the judges, so get back to doing your best work. Dude, breathe. . … Continue reading You’ve given your all