Feeling grubby

A recent blog crush of mine, Dan Callum,, wrote about ‘under the weather routines‘ today and I’d been thinking about something similar. When emotionally in need of a freshen-up but there isn’t the time or facilities to have a proper clean, just brushing your teeth is a big help. I’ve found this when I’m at home, when I’ve been ‘in the field’ with the armed … Continue reading Feeling grubby

The problem mindset

My beloved has, I often think, a problem mindset. Where I gravitate towards solutions, they are quick to point out issues without offering (or even thinking about) how to solve them. This can be very frustrating and I’ve tried to nudge change around this in the past. When I step back from the irritation of feeling blocked, slowed or pointedly questioned, I can see the … Continue reading The problem mindset

Untested assumptions

In software development, assumptions cause a lot of issues. Particularly when they’re quite speculative and not tested until as early as is practicable. Re-work or deadline extensions follow, inevitably. Sometimes the reverse is true, in life as well as in software. We thought something was needed or complicated that turns out not to be, and this pleasant surprise (unless profiteering on hourly work) leads to … Continue reading Untested assumptions

On being heard

Thinking about my reaction to some events, I’ve tried to break down why I get irritated so quickly. One of the reasons is not feeling heard. After taking time to identify how to stop something unfortunate happening in future, then more time to explain this to those concerned, it irks me greatly when the lessons don’t appear to have been learned. I feel I wasn’t … Continue reading On being heard