I’m Mark, and I’m regularly inspired by others to think and to learn. My memory has a broken filing system, so I often struggle to pin down things I’ve already learned and thought about, leaving me to repeat the process over and over again. Which leads me here. To committing it to (virtual) paper.

Sometimes you learn.

It’s a great line that I’ve borrowed from a print I have hanging above my desk “Sometime you win, sometimes you learn”. Writing daily, I try to make sure there is something useful in every post – for me, and perhaps for you too. The title alone helps me remember that not every post will be all I’d like it to be, and that’s no reason to stop.

I’ve got a few consistent blog crushes that have inspired me to write daily. With no implied ranking, they are: Seth Godin, Dan Cullum, Rohan Rajiv and Bernadette Jiwa. I also love the work of Kristen Kalp because it’s strikingly different to most of what I find on small business and self-awareness. Collectively, their words inspire magic.

My day job and life things…

By day I’m a software engineer itching to be something else, and at night I try and work through the obstacles that keep me from the something else. I’m studying psychology with a view to creating tools that use imagination to reach people shut off from traditional approaches. I was a communications specialist in global conflict zones until my mid-twenties, when I stepped into IT. I didn’t think enough to gain useful perspective at the time, so I’m trying to make up for it now.

I’ve ran ultra-marathons in support of mental health charities and will be completing the Ridgeway as quick as I can on the 24th of July 2020 (lockdown permitting). I’ll raise money doing so, which will go to two charities helping those who suffer domestic abuse.

I love dogs. I think cats are mostly mind flayers in disguise. I also love DnD.


You can sponsor me >here< as I run/jog/walk/crawl 85 miles in 24 hours for Refuge and ManKind Initiative.