One hour and nothing else

Today I had just one notable goal – attend a therapy session. Just one hour and I didn’t consider anything else as ‘must get done’ today. Doesn’t sound very productive, I grant you.

This one hour meant that I spent the rest of the day in processing, researching, planning, reconciling.

I hadn’t known what would come up exactly, nor what I’d come away with in mind. It’s fortunate that I had time and space to get the most value from that one hour, which not everyone does. This highlighted how nurturing our mental health isn’t a neat time-boxed activity, though I think it’s often treated as just another appointment in the calendar. We should give ourselves time to sift, sort, and settle after a deep dive, so we don’t just unpack the baggage and then leave it scattered about the place.

Not everyone will have the luxury of time I’ve enjoyed today, but it’s not lazy to empty the diary as much as you can. It’s prioritisation – and you’re important.

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