Resolutions vs direction

Resolutions are quick to fall away as get lost in the day to day. With the resolution apparently broken, it’s abandoned and we wait for the next notable opportunity to say “this time, this time I’ll stick with it”.

There’s another way. Choose a direction.

Tell yourself you’re going to move *toward* things that matter to you. Perhaps the next step in your career. Or you’re going to become amore active. Improve your relationships, or take better care of yourself. In broad terms this is what you’ll achieve, and there are steps along the way.

Had a mis-step? Lost your resolve?

No harm done – the steps themselves aren’t make or break. You can dust yourself off, remind yourself where you’re going, and move forward again.

You don’t have be on the best route every day, merely head in the right direction.

Kindly, keep going.

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