Not thinking about their thinking

Over dinner with friends there was talk about folks whose political views don’t align with ours. I was struck by the assumption that it was because ‘they’ didn’t think, they merely consumed different news unthinkingly. In my experience this isn’t true.

Other people, with different backgrounds, values, and experiences can absorb the exact same information and reach a different conclusion. It’s not that they don’t think, merely that they think differently.

We’d do better for looking to understand each other – especially those who aren’t aligned with us. Reducing them to assumptions is lazy thinking on our part, not theirs.

2 thoughts on “Not thinking about their thinking

  1. That’s what I like about how we talk; we absorb some things similarly but some things differently and we can talk about how and why that might be without any assumptions or judgements on either side!

    1. Yup, it’s good that you can see how right I am all the time. 😉

      I’m pleased you share your perspective openly – it’s helped me see things differently and grow! :’)

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