Doing things, quite imperfectly

In the last week I’ve got a bunch of stuff done that I’m really pleased with. I don’t know that I’ve done them all right, or quite how I might have liked them given more time thinking about it. The key point is I got them done, though.

Perfect execution wasn’t critical so self-appointed super standards were becoming very unhelpful. Hooray for progress.

But wait – there’s no new knowledge here. I’ve long understood the importance of getting going and sustaining momentum, so what changed? It was something in me. I’d talked out enough ill feeling from a difficult year/decade, and found good reasons to progress that I could buy into.

While I’d known what I wanted to do, I hadn’t felt enough pull in that direction. Once I caught a spark, I got going.

Goals are good. Appealing challenges are better.

Kindly, keep going.

4 thoughts on “Doing things, quite imperfectly

      1. Hmm maybe the StickK thing? But I think you needed some momentum from somewhere to do that and believe that you could succeed! Maybe the motorbike is helping and giving you some freedom, feeling less trapped.

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