The thing about setting boundaries

Well, yes, it’s almost certainly going to be uncomfortable.

You feel the need to set boundaries because you’re tired of how things are after a long time without them, or with poor ones. Which means someone else has been getting something by stepping over where the boundaries would’ve been helpful. So…

They’d rather not see them in place, ‘cos they’ll have to change.

You’ll be uncomfortable putting them in place, ‘cos you’re creating the unwelcome change.

You’ll gain from boundaries though, in the long run. You’ll have more space for what matters. More time. More energy.

In the long run.

Kindly, keep going.

5 thoughts on “The thing about setting boundaries

    1. I’ve found it can take a while before the relief is felt, but yes it’s so positive when you reach the point where others respect your position and needs. :^)

      1. Yes that’s true. It took a few tries and they tried to push a few times so I had to reconfirm when I was comfortable checking texts. When they finally got it, I was so relieved. Hoping the respect will stay.

      2. Well done you, making sure they got it! Boundaries need to be maintained over time so if it slips a bit, I’m confident you’ll see them right again. :^)

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