21 days to better habits – nah

With the New Year approaching and resolutions on the horizon, a reminder to be realistic: “The reality is, changing ‘bad habits’ takes time, and effort and energy, and it’s rarely a smooth process.” – Russ Harris, author of The Reality Slap It’s not 21 days, or 7 steps, or newfound willpower. It’s a commitment and a journey that you can’t fail, only abandon. Kindly, keep … Continue reading 21 days to better habits – nah

So much more done, when…

Once I got the MacBook I was going to learn video editing. I haven’t yet. Once I got my office space I was going to plan my own business launch. Those plans haven’t materialised yet. Once I… You get the picture. Meanwhile, there are so many things you can do lying untouched. Going nowhere while you think wistfully about what you’ll do when… Kindly, get … Continue reading So much more done, when…

Confirmation bias – confirmed

Reading the Tribe of Mentors, I’ve often found my thinking taken in new directions and thereafter see the world a little differently. Other times, I read something and feel it affirms my existing beliefs, so I’m quite pleased with myself. This in contrast to when I read the opposite of what I believe and feel that the contributor, despite their apparent success, must be misguided. … Continue reading Confirmation bias – confirmed

Every bio speaks of their game

There’s a regular email at work with a list of new starters, and each person has a little bio. Reading the blurb for those that share my job title, I’ve occasionally felt a twinge at not having the same depth of experience or presumed salary. Today though, an important recognition. We’ve not been playing the same game. Why would we have the same results, particularly … Continue reading Every bio speaks of their game

Visualising when you’re stuck

A dear friend was having trouble wrapping their head around complex interactions a while back, which they resolved by building a picture of what was going on. Diagrams and process maps brought clarity and understanding. Another friend is just getting into D&D and had a loose idea for a character, but wasn’t sure how to flesh it out. Hero Forge Custom Miniatures offer a great … Continue reading Visualising when you’re stuck

Two lives worth living

I was fortunate to listen to a talk by Ranulph Fiennes recently, which was a droll run through some of his life story followed by a little Q&A. I was really excited about this and it was enjoyable, though not motivating in the way I’d expected it to be. In contrast, Jamie Peacock’s inspirational talk back in March left me buzzing. Both lives showcased accomplishment … Continue reading Two lives worth living