When unfortunate things happen

It’s inevitable in life – some things will happen that you’d really rather hadn’t.

It might be loss of a loved one, an accident with lasting consequences, an opportunity missed, theft of a heirloom, or merely a train missed. There are so many things that can go wrong.

And so many things that can go right.

When you made the train by inches and were delighted, did you tell yourself how lucky you were for a good while? But if you missed it by the same, don’t you often curse your disproportionately bad luck for longer?

We re-visit all the reasons why this accident was such bad timing, how only slightly different circumstances could’ve made it so much less painful. On those better days where there’s only inconvenience at worst, we don’t look for gratitude the way we’ll scour for injustice.

An unfortunate thing happened to me today – I lost something that was a source of comfort and connection. I’m sad about that, certainly, though I’m not creating stories that exacerbate the pain.

Self-flagellation causes wounds.

Self-compassion heals.

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