Every bio speaks of their game

There’s a regular email at work with a list of new starters, and each person has a little bio. Reading the blurb for those that share my job title, I’ve occasionally felt a twinge at not having the same depth of experience or presumed salary. Today though, an important recognition.

We’ve not been playing the same game.

Why would we have the same results, particularly if we’ve been aiming at different things? Where I am now reflects the different journey I chose to take. And, where I go next isn’t clear cut – it’s not likely to be the linear route some of those bios suggest.

Because I don’t want to play the same game.

I’m different. Actually we’re all different. Circumstances, ambitions, responsibilities, fears, opportunities, luck, energy, and mindset. We’re all different.

Play your game.

Kindly, keep going.

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