Two lives worth living

I was fortunate to listen to a talk by Ranulph Fiennes recently, which was a droll run through some of his life story followed by a little Q&A. I was really excited about this and it was enjoyable, though not motivating in the way I’d expected it to be. In contrast, Jamie Peacock’s inspirational talk back in March left me buzzing.

Both lives showcased accomplishment and endeavour; both needed resolve and dedication. Jamie brought the listener into his world though, I felt. Pulled out the points that allowed the magic to happen for him. We saw a much of what made his tale possible – and how we might apply this ourselves.

So, share generously and openly.

Let people see the inner turmoil and how it can be overcome. Help folks understand not merely what you’ve accomplished, but what they can accomplish.

Kindly, keep going.

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