The Therapist and the Alchemist’s Tales

I’m paying an expensive therapist weekly, to embed me firmly in the process of living by my values and engaging with the present. It’s thoroughly worthwhile and a sound investment for the future. So much so that I’d love to speak with my younger self and encourage learning the ACT framework before any difficulty, to get more out of life and give more to the world around me.

Last night I read “The Merchant and the Alchemist’s Gate”, by Ted Chiang. A great novelette telling the tale of a few time travellers, variously looking to profit from knowledge and correct mistakes. Older selves overlap with their younger selves, to interesting effect. The story highlights two things for me especially:

  • there’s no value in dwelling on the past, only learning from it
  • happiness is living in the here and now, developing ourselves

It also showed the value of connections and perspectives. A lesson given in one form can be well supplemented by another, different, form.

Read widely and think broadly.

Kindly, keep growing.

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