And if you pushed for excellence?

Reflecting briefly on 2021, and the feedback I’ve had at work, suggests I’ve done really well. I’ve done so well without really pushing myself. I’ve put in some good graft, for sure, though I’ve not given it nearly my all. I’m not beating myself up about this – it feels like I’ve subconsciously chosen a year of recovery and reconnection. Still, I’ve done really well. … Continue reading And if you pushed for excellence?

Focus mode – it’s really a prior engagement

I love Focus Mode on the text editor (SimpleNote, currently) that I write my blogs in. Would that there were a way to quiet the mind so easily. There is, at least for me – it merely requires some discipline. Not discipline at the time I need the focus, but ahead of that to regularly make time to meditate. Thereby, to train the mind. The … Continue reading Focus mode – it’s really a prior engagement

Never mind your job description

I enjoyed learning a little more about what data scientists do today. In summary it’s about creating insight that has a positive impact. Software development isn’t really about writing code, it’s about programatically solving a problem. Improving a product or creating opportunity. As a support analyst, the ticket logging and SLA juggling is merely a means to influence the situation positively when things have gone … Continue reading Never mind your job description

Precarious purchasing

In this coming year I’m hoping to purchase a home and I’m feeling a strong urge to borrow to the very limit. On the one hand it makes financial sense given a few, seemingly reasonable, assumptions. Over the Christmas period I caught up with a couple who have really stretched themselves for the dream home, while juggling two very well paid jobs and some challenging … Continue reading Precarious purchasing

Crimbo communication challenges

I hadn’t thought it at the time, but listening to the Non-Violent Communication audiobook was great preparation for Christmas day with family. Another big help has been learning to acknowledge stories without getting hooked by them. Unexpected benefits of therapy and work on improving my emotional regulation. Both great investments. Gifts that will keep on giving. Merry Christmas, and peace be upon you. :^) Continue reading Crimbo communication challenges

Poet’s days and growth

“Piss off early, tomorrow’s Saturday.” A phrase I remember fondly from my time in the Armed Forces. Also, Wednesday sports afternoons were a thing, which in hindsight was a real blessing. I recognise now that the Army, at least in my day, invested heavily in developing its people and facilitating their self-development. Not on top of the day job, but as part of it. Time … Continue reading Poet’s days and growth