Body-building poets

Continuing to make my way through ‘Tribe of Mentors’, I’ve particularly enjoyed the entries by Jerzy and Anelia Gregorek – two poets and champion body-builders. Weight-lifting creative writers – not where I expected to find wisdom, and I found myself pleasantly surprised. Later I chided myself that I should even have been surprised. That I was gave an example of unconscious bias and unhelpful stereotyping. … Continue reading Body-building poets

Edale jolly – the same but different

Today I caught a train to Edale, which is easy is a shorter door to door round trip in the car. Catching the train made it a very different experience though. It felt much more of a day out than all the times I’ve driven there. Can you introduce a little difference in your day, that’ll make it feel a bit more special? Maybe just … Continue reading Edale jolly – the same but different

Not in the news so much

My Aunt sent a nice message yesterday, Remembrance Day in the UK, about soldiering and its impact. Part of the message read: “war must never happen and yet it always does”. It’s true that there’s ongoing conflict around the globe. It’s true that climate change is going to raise global tension and that may lead to further conflict. It’s also true that there are less … Continue reading Not in the news so much

The psychology of money and things

I read an article about pandemic purchases people had made, contrasting those that gave lasting value with those that are now gathering dust. Exercise bikes featured in both camps, highlighting that there isn’t a universal perfect product fit. Improvements to the home, sometimes the very same improvements, were rated differently according to their financial impact. I was reminded of one of my favourite reads, ‘The … Continue reading The psychology of money and things

Pushing through uncertainty

When you’re low on hope and with a poor expectation about the outcome, it’s hard to push through uncertainty. Sitting around feeling hopeless and fearing the worst doesn’t improve the chances, though. That’s not to say you can magically feel better and crack on. Regardless of how you feel, the important thing is how you act. Take the next step that’s in line with your … Continue reading Pushing through uncertainty

The value of attention

A friend recently related their thanks at something I’d ‘given’ them – confidence. Over the time I’ve known them, they’ve consistently done well across a range of things, not all of which I was directly involved in. I’ve quietly admired their work, and at a pivotal moment I played their accomplishments back to them. I bolstered their self-belief and in doing so helped them seize … Continue reading The value of attention