Thinking up the chain

A good friend sent me three career related questions that got me thinking. I’m not always good at what I’m about to suggest, perhaps not even very often… though I feel it’s very worthwhile!

Q: Which one piece of advice would you give to someone trying to further their career?

A: Consider what your boss, or their boss, has in mind that you don’t. Especially when you’re frustrated.

Can you contribute to their thought processes helpfully? Might that explain a decision, direction, or allocation that you don’t like?

Ideally, the workplace is an open culture where you can contribute. Ideally, the bosses thoughts are shared as openly as possible. If this isn’t true, think ‘up’ and consider why – there you’ll find lessons in what to address or avoid as you go further in your career.

Understand the context you’re working, then make the best informed choices.

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