Focus on progress, more than the gaps

As I upload things that I’ve written on the phone and not published, I’m conscious of the gaps in daily posting that this has caused. I’m conscious of earlier gaps where I didn’t write anything at all that day.

So it’s not been the daily blog I’d hoped. I haven’t been writing 1,000 word posts on Sundays like I once planned to. The book I want to write remains a hazy outline in my head. So much I haven’t done.


I have published over 575 posts. In dark times my own words have helped me. In good times I’ve wrestled with ideas for clarity, as I think about how to write them up. At all times I’ve kept going, even when I felt absolutely spent.

The gaps are as much a reminder of progress as they are a signal that I didn’t write. This view is a choice. A helpful one, for me.

If you’re not telling your story positively, work on that.

Kindly, keep going.

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