The value of attention

A friend recently related their thanks at something I’d ‘given’ them – confidence. Over the time I’ve known them, they’ve consistently done well across a range of things, not all of which I was directly involved in. I’ve quietly admired their work, and at a pivotal moment I played their accomplishments back to them. I bolstered their self-belief and in doing so helped them seize a well-paid opportunity.

Another friend (and former colleague) was looking for change a while back, and what they initially had in mind didn’t seem a good fit. We discussed what they’ve done well, what work they’ve been pleased with, and what challenges they haven’t taken much from. After a few chats they took a different direction – not one I’d suggested, but one that occurred to them as they reflected on what we talked about. They passed on an opportunity to make more money and are pleased, now, to be engaged in something more fulfilling.

Attention, support, encouragement, and kind honesty – valuable gifts.

Kindly, keep going.

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