Thinking up the chain

A good friend sent me three career related questions that got me thinking. I’m not always good at what I’m about to suggest, perhaps not even very often… though it is worthwhile! Q: Which one piece of advice would you give to someone trying to further their career? A: Consider what your boss, or their boss, has in mind that you don’t. Especially when you’re … Continue reading Thinking up the chain

Meaningful and agreeable relationships

It took a long time to realise that merely agreeable relationships don’t offer me much value. Those with room for a give and take of feedback are the ones the matter. It’s nice to be nice, but does that alone change much for the better? Being kind isn’t merely pleasantries – it’s a compassionate way of encouraging growth. It’s not kind to offer a platitude … Continue reading Meaningful and agreeable relationships

Learning more when its broken

At the day job I had a few things go wrong today and I was speaking to a colleague who said “heyho, I usually learn more when it’s broke”. It’s true, but why? Because when it’s broken, if we really want to fix it, we get look closely at how something works. We follow our noses, weigh up options, carefully consider consequences. We get curious, … Continue reading Learning more when its broken

Values give light in the smog of thought

Thoughts aren’t fully under our control in the way I’d really like them to be. A core premise of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is to recognise that and not give your thoughts so much time and attention – heeding them or, crucially, disputing them. Instead, get consciously clear on your values and work towards objectives aligned with those. In the smog that surrounds unhelpful thinking, … Continue reading Values give light in the smog of thought

Focus on progress, more than the gaps

As I upload things that I’ve written on the phone and not published, I’m conscious of the gaps in daily posting that this has caused. I’m conscious of earlier gaps where I didn’t write anything at all that day. So it’s not been the daily blog I’d hoped. I haven’t been writing 1,000 word posts on Sundays like I once planned to. The book I … Continue reading Focus on progress, more than the gaps