What to be proud of

I don’t have a lot of things and my life, right now, doesn’t feel like it’s going where I want it to – at least not quickly. There’s a laundry list of shortcomings I identify with, that my head runs over when it’s stuck in an unkind place.

Last night, I watched ‘The Fight’ by Jessica Hynes. I was profoundly when Mick, responding to “somebody’s got to do something that they can be proud of”, replied: “If you’re not proud of me that’s fine, ‘cos I’m proud. I’m proud of me.”

My unkind thoughts dismiss that where I am is because of support I’ve given others and that I’m still giving. More than one life has breathed more easily, precisely because I have lived and contributed.

That’s something to be proud of. A meaningful measure of success.

Kindly, keep going.

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