Value for money is more than an exchange

I went to an indie cafe today and paid a princely sum for a fairly bland muffin and very average coffee. While there, I enjoyed a book left on the table by the owners. It wasn’t the experience I hoped for – it was better than that.

The book was self-published and while touching, isn’t one I think I’d have picked out myself. I read it and thought fondly of a dear friend who sent me a not dissimilar book. I reflected on how I might put across a story I want to tell, drawing on what I learned from reading this one. I looked up the author and their other work and was warmed by it.

It was a tough morning and this trip to the cafe transformed the day. Looking only at the transaction, it’d have been disappointing. Staying open to a broader experience made it delightful.

Kindly, keep going.

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