Time to make a difference

When I picture myself at eighty, reflecting on life, I know I want to have helped people. Right now it doesn’t feel like I get to do that enough – a source of some frustration for me.

This afternoon, I spent an hour composing an email to someone I might never meet again. They’ve been through a tough experience and I hope I’ve shared some insight so that they ultimately benefit from the difficulty. I’m not making the difference I’d like to, but by finding time I am making a difference for this person.

This morning a kind colleague asked directly how I was doing, having sensed that things weren’t great. They’re really busy and have a lot on their plate, so it would’ve been easier not to find the time. It made a difference to my day, and helped me compose the important email in a better frame of mind.

Small kindnesses and timely attention are a wonderful way to help people. They don’t rely on a job title or a special set of skills. Between now and turning eighty I can give both freely, every single day. You could, too. It makes a difference.

Kindly, keep going.

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