Beautiful, yes, how about attractive

The Mona Lisa is, for many, a beautiful painting. I wouldn’t want to own it, with all the implications that’d bring. It’s not an attractive proposition. A Ferrari Dino is beautiful, though being parked outside my terraced house would be problematic. Nearer to my actual reality, that detached farmhouse on the way out to the hills is really appealing, though the work I’d have to … Continue reading Beautiful, yes, how about attractive

When feeling low, seek clarity

Where there’s an absence of clarity, it can be hard to make progress. What are you progressing toward? Even where you can make progress, it can be hard to generate and sustain momentum. What’s next once this is done, or what else should I be doing? Time spent on clarity shifts the question marks that can be paralysing. Clarity provides a destination to work toward. … Continue reading When feeling low, seek clarity

Interview or performance review

I liked this thought, stumbled across in a YouTube comment: “I pretend in my mind that […] this is more of a performance review.” Being a successful candidate is more than that, though I like the mindset. If you can do the job well, remember that. The interview is merely an opportunity to explain this, not a grilling to be feared. If you’d be confident … Continue reading Interview or performance review

Who has the virginal truth

I’m reading a book by about the Virgin Group by Richard Branson at the minute, which paints an understandably positive picture. Yesterday I stumbled across a about Richard Branson specifically, written by an investigative journalist who gives a relentlessly negative account. Neither are fully accurate, of course. The contrast reminded me how hard it is to find objective truth. Especially when there’s something riding on … Continue reading Who has the virginal truth